We are a group of consultants in the medicine and technology fields. We can help with social media, web design, application building (iOS, Android, Salesforce, GCP, AWS and more!) 

We have advanced degrees in medicine with 25+ years of active practice. We do medical consulting to individuals, groups, and businesses. 

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Abe Balsamo & Co. 

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The Dream Team

We provide the highest level of consulting in the industries that we serve. We partner with the best... and make them better. 


We have provided techonology and medical consulting services to the States of Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. The counties of Taos, Colfax, Allegheny, Suffolk, Brazoria, Westchester and more. We serve both the public and private sectors.  


Some of our clients in the automotive industry include: Holley, Keystone Automotive Industries, Scott Drake Automotive, California Pony Parts, Autoworks Restomod, CJ Pony Parts

We are a group of professionals in many fields of technology, science, medicine and automotive industries. 

Drop us a message below. We strive to return emails/calls promptly.

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